As a permanent resident, a person can receive certain rights and privileges of a host country, while remaining a citizen of a home country. In Canada, a permanent resident can receive most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, such as health care, the right to work, study, and live anywhere in the country, and protection under Canadian law.  To keep a permanent resident status, the individual must live in Canada for at least two years, within a five-year period.


Applying to Become a Permanent Resident

Currently, there are a few different ways to apply for permanent resident status. Before a person decides to apply, he or she needs to consider which program will best suit the needs of the individual and their family.


The following programs include the:


  • Skilled workers and professionals program;
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers program;
  • Canadian experience class program;
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self- employed people program;
  • Provincial nominees program; and
  • Sponsoring your family program.


For more information on each of the individual programs please visit the website Each program has different requirements; therefore it is necessary to ensure that you choose the program that best suits your needs and interests.


Permanent Resident Card

The permanent resident card is the official proof of one’s status as a permanent resident in Canada. The permanent resident card is required for all Canadian residents seeking to travel abroad and re-enter Canada.Since June 2002, all new permanent residents automatically receive their first Permanent Resident Card as part of the immigration process.


Seeking the Advice of a Professional

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