Initial consultations

Initial consultations are available by appointment.
For certain matters we provide free,
initial consultations $50

Business Law

</p> <p>
Provincial IncorporationProvincial Incorporation $1000+ inc disbursements
Name IncorporationName Incorporation $1000+ inc disbursements
Federal IncorporationFederal Incorporation $1200+ inc disbursements
Not for profitNot for profit $2499+ inc disbursements
Business Purchase / Sale$800+ prep, review offer
Name registration$150 + disbursements
Franchises Prepare$5000+ inc disbursements
Shareholders Agreement$1850+ inc disbursements
Commercial Lease - Review$750
Commercial Lease - Prepare$1000 +
Canadian trademark$1800 +
USA trademark $1800 +
Trust$1500 minimum
Employment Contracts$500 per hour review
Employment contract$500 per hr termination
Articles of revival$850 + $50 per year
Annual Resolutions Shareholders resolution, inc changes to head office$250 Directors/ </p> <p>

Uncontested Divorce

</p> <p>
Initial consultation with a Lawyer$50 (one hour)
Basic fees$599 + $580 disbursements
Motion substitution of service with personal service.$750+ dispense
Respondent outside Ontario$250+ in Canada
Respondent outside Canada$500+ min
Decree absolute previous$100+ marriage/ div
Minutes of settlement$500+ min
Opinion on foreign divorce$250+ min
Financial statements$250+ min
Incorp. Terms of Court order (order or agreement in divorce judgment)$500+ min.
Service by acknowledgement$150 (card)
We get marriage certificate$100
Process server (Toronto)$100 per party
Process server (Outside GTA)$150+ varies by area
Domestic contracts$400
Family litigation (contested)$400+ per hour </p> <p>

Immigration Law

</p> <p>
Spouse sponsorship$3060 + Disbursement and up
Family sponsorship$3060 + Disbursement and up
LMO’s general$1960 Labour Market Impact Assessment
LMO’s caregiver$1190
Work permits, visa$1560
Visa extensions$1560 + Disbursement
Change conditions$1560 + Disbursement
Package LMO’s$2390 + Work visa outside Canada
Package LMO’s$2360 + Work visa outside Canada
Canadian experience$2360 + $550 Disbursement
Federal skilled$3360 + $550 Disbursement
Provincial nominee$2760
Quebec nominee$2760
Criminal Rehabilitation$2360
Live-in caregivers$2760
Student visa$1960 + Disbursemen
Permanent Resident Application$1500 + Disbursement
Super Visa$1560 + Disbursement
Citizenship Application$1960 + Disbursement
Status update $150 Applications in process
1 hour assessment$250 Review of application</p> <p>

Employment Law

</p> <p>
Initial consultation$50 (one hour max)
Drafting contract$1000+ varies complexity
Basic contract$299 standard contract
Reviewing contract$400
Contract termination$1000 review and advice
Application tribunal$1000
Application Court$1500
Human rights tribunal$399 + hourly rate
Change conditions$200 advice and review
Background check$100
WSIB / EI claim$399 application
Employment research$150 per hour
Attendance meetings$400 per hour (negotiation)
In court litigation$400+ per hour
Reference check$200 call or email
Employee policy$1000 drafting manual
Defending claim for Wrongful dismissal, harassment, etc. Court/ Tribunal$1500+ min </p> <p>


</p> <p>
Hourly Rate$200 to $500
Small Claims court$800 to $2500
Retainer$1500 to $2500
Application$1500 and up
Pleadings$1500 and up
Preparation$200 per hr + disbursement
Case conference$1500+ appearance half day
Discovery$3000+ per day appearance
Transcript examine$2.50 per page
Settlement conference$1500+ per half day
Trial$3000+ per day
Post trialHourly rate
Process server$40 to serve plus milage
File motion$45+ hourly rate
Set down trial$85+ hourly rate
CollectionsHourly rate
Judgment debt examHourly rate </p> <p>

Real Estate Law

</p> <p>
Purchase (one mortgage)$850 + disbursement
Refinancing (one new registration, discharge of one old)$450 + disbursement
Sale (inc one Discharge)$600 + disbursement
Transfer of title$600 inc disbursement
Discharge mortgage$350 inc disbursement
Survivorship application$590 inc disbursement
Title insurance$300 inc disbursement
Offer to purchase$250+
Price over 1 million$750+
Commercial $1000+
Construction liens$750+
Certificate action/ claim$1500+
Closing in two weeks$100+ Rush fee
Small claims action$350 Prep of claim
Co-ownership agreements$750
Owner express$220 to $260
Disbursements range - due to location size and amount of transaction.$50 to $200 vary </p> <p>
(Plus HST)

Payment Policy Three60 lawyers provide clients with top-quality legal services.
Our payment policy requires that we obtain a retainer before commencing work on your behalf. The retainer will be paid into trust and additional expenses will be drawn from that. Upon completion of our services we will advise you of any balances owing to us.

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