TekSavvy in legal battle to protect identity of subscribers

Internet provider TekSavvy will fight in court Monday to keep their subscribers’ identities confidential after being served with a list of thousands of IP adresses accused of illegal downloading by a American film studio. Voltage Pictures, which made the Hollywood hit The Hurt Locker, asked identities accused of illegal downloads via BitTorrent protocol to TekSavvy. However. TekSavvy CEO, Mark Gaudrault, said “TekSavvy will do everything in its power to protect its customers.” the company writes on its website. “However, we must comply with all court orders requiring us to disclose the personal imformation of our customers.” The law draws a line between commercial and non-commercial copyright infringement and limits damages to $5,000 for individuals downloading for personal use. Previously, they could have been liable for up to $20,000 per movie or song downloaded.



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